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Egg Fry
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

Ingredients: Boiled eggs, Spices, Oil or Butter.


·  Firstly, boil the eggs, cool them down and peel them. Cut the boiled eggs into two halves then take a pan, add oil and heat it.

·  Add some salt, turmeric powder and stir well and after adding these spices stir-frying eggs gives a delicious flavour to the fried eggs.

·  Add the cut eggs into the masala and then stir fry well. Be careful while stirring and tossing as the yolk from the egg may come out.

·  Stir fry each side well and make sure to fry both sides well.

·  Flip it and stir fry the other side too.

·  Follow the below steps if you looking out to consume eggs with chapati.

·  Take the fried eggs out and place them aside.

·  Into the same oil, add the sliced onions.

·  Give a mix and sauté.

·  Add green chilies and curry leaves into it.

·  Sautee them until they turn soft.