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Bread Omelet Recipe
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

Ingredients: Eggs, Spices, Bread, Oil or Butter.


·  Firstly, take a bowl, beat the eggs into a bowl add salt as per taste, red chilly powder, turmeric powder and black pepper powder.

·  Stir the mixture well. Beat the mixture well without lumps.

·  Heat the tawa/gridle and put it on low flame. Add oil/ghee/butter and heat it.

·  Pour the omelet mixture and spread it well.

·  Take a bread slice and dip it on the omelet mixture and flip the bread and rest it on the omelet. Just coat one side of the bread with the omelet mixture and then flip the other side and place it.

·  Doing this way coats the bread with an omelet on both sides.

·  Similarly, dip the other bread slices on the omelet and flip the bread and rest them on the omelet. If making a large omelet then placing 4 pieces of bread is also possible.

·  Cook the bread omelet perfectly on both sides on medium flame. Make sure to flip carefully from one side to another with bread slices attached.

·  Remove the bread sandwich omelet from the Tawa and cut the bread slices diagonally and serve hot...