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Egg Cheese Grilled Sandwich
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

Ingredients: Sandwich bread (brown or multigrain ), 4 hardboiled eggs, 4 tbsp Cheese slice/grated cheddar cheese,2 Tbsp Mayonnaise,2 Tbsp Butter, Salt to taste, Black pepper crushed


 • To make the egg cheese sandwich, first of all make sandwich filling

• Crush the boiled eggs in bowl with the help of a fork or chop them as per your choice.

• Add mayonnaise, salt to taste and crushed black pepper to taste.

• Now apply softened butter and one side of the bread.

• To assemble egg and cheese sandwich, place bread on a board with butter

• Place a slice of cheese on to this bread, place 1/4th amount of boiled egg sandwich filling

and cover with another bread slice with buttered side up.

• Cut the sandwich into two, diagonally or otherwise, as per your choice. Now you can serve

 it as it is. Or to make A grilled sandwich follow the next step.

• Heat up a sandwich maker, if you are using one. Or otherwise place it in a grilling griddle

on stove top. Apply a very less amount of butter and cook the bread on both sides till

it is grilled to golden colour.

• You need to keep pressing it from both side in between. It helps to melt the cheese and