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Scrambled Eggs
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

Ingredients: Eggs, Butter, Salt & Pepper, Spices (if needed).


  1.  Melt your butter in a nonstick Pan over medium-high until it gets bubbly.
  2.         Break eggs into a bowl beat them until completely blended and slightly frothy. Stir in the pepper and salt or Spices (if needed).
  3.         Add egg mixture to pan; start pulling the eggs from the sides of the pan into the middle (the edges cook faster than the center). Stir the eggs as they cook. This creates small, soft curds of the egg. 
  4.         Stir Continuously, and do not allow the eggs to stick to the pan, the eggs themselves will maintain the pan temperature & let the eggs set. Ensure there is no liquid egg left everything should be dry in the pan.
  5.         Once the liquid has mostly set, additional ingredients such as cheese or herbs.

Enjoy the Scrambled eggs.