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Cheese Omelette Recipe
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

Ingredients: Eggs, Salt, Cheese, Spices, Butter or oil, Vegetables – tomatoes,

onions, mushrooms, etc.


• Chop the veggies of your choice like chilies, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms etc. We need 2 – 3 eggs for this recipe.

• Beat the eggs well.

• Add oil or butter in a hot Pan. Sautee veggies with salt.

• Add salt-pepper, herbs or if you like Indian masalas you can add that too.

• Spread the mixture & then pour the eggs.

• Allow it to cook until the base is set, then flip it.

• When it is cooked on the both sides, Spread the grated cheese or cheese

slice as desired.

• Fold the omelet & cook it until cheese melts.

Enjoy or serve the omelet hot or warm.