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‘5 Fat loss tips’
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

‘5 Fatloss loss tips’ that will help you lose weight effectively 

During the hustle of working from home and catering to nagging clients and badgering deadlines can keep you glued to your seat. And in no time your favourite clothes don’t fit anymore. Thankfully, Nutrihealth+ is here to help you bring that body positivity back. All you need is follow these 5 simple tips.

1. Calorie basics

It’s basic two and two. If your calorie intake is more than your expenditure level, you must change that at the earliest. There are numerous apps to track our calorie management, and putting them to use is the first step. Also, while buying packaged food, you can also check for calorie count printed on the label.

2. The magic of ‘Wholegrain Food

Adding wholegrains to your diet can be the biggest favour you can do to your body. Whole grains are unprocessed food grains with all essentials of the seeds. They are healthier and more nutritional and keeps your hunger pangs under check. Some of them are barley, finger millets, buckwheat, brown rice, and quinoa.

3. Know Your ‘Dietary Protein Requirement’

Protein forms a fundamental building block of your body. A balanced diet is key to that. It is widely advised to keep Protein between 0.8 to 1 gm/Kg of your weight. Suppose you weigh around 80Kg then your daily protein requirement should be between 64 to 80 gms per day. Barley (12.5 gm), eggs (13 gm), Greek yogurt (10gm), Almonds (6 gm) are great for your protein boost. It’s ideal practice to calculate your protein requirements while planning the diet.

4. A sound sleep, a sound body

Many studies have proved that healthy sleep is beneficial for weight loss. A person on diet having inadequate sleep tends to overeat and thus it affects your BMI and defeats the whole purpose. As suggested by United States National Sleep Foundation, healthy sleep is anywhere between 6-10 hrs. Ideal sleep duration varies from person to person. By trial-and- error method you can optimize the ideal amount of sleep your body demands. The only criterion is, you should feel energetic after a sound sleep.

5. Resistance Training

This is as essential as having a balanced diet. Resistance training can be done using dumbbells or free weights, machines or resistance bands, or via body weight. Resistance training goes beyond helping you reduce your body fat and helps strengthen your muscles too. Doing 3-4 days of resistance training a week can do wonders to your body.

If you have this far, that means you have it in you to achieve your fitness goal, now its time to follow the footsteps charted by our Nutrihealth+ experts and have a healthier future.