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What? Healthy sleep cycle can boost productivity? Here’s how!
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

If someone tells you that every time you hit the snooze button on your alarm, you could be seriously altering your health, would you be surprised? But, believe it or not, it is so! If you ask our Nutrihealth+ experts, they would say, a sound sleep is as much necessary for your body as much as a balanced diet or your daily workout routine.

So, let’s snooze the distractions and find out why-

Productivity Protein-

Sleeping is a highly productive process. Since we aren’t moving while in sleep, it is the time when our body repairs, rebuilds, recovers, strengthens and grows. The belief that lean muscle is built only in gyms is a half-truth. Our body requires a proportionate amount of sleep just to repair our muscles damaged during the workouts. The more you sweat, the more is the rest required for healing.

While in sleep, the cerebral fluid in the brain cleans waste products from cells, our blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate slows down and hormones are released to repair the damaged tissues. Overall, our body conserves energy for the next day.

A well-oiled sleep ‘cycle’ 😉

The brain’s food cravings are aroused when the body suffers from sleep deprivation. This happens due to hormonal imbalances which are responsible for hunger and satiety. This further deviates your calorie balance and can lead you towards weight gain. Poor sleep also affects your normal blood sugar levels and in certain chronic cases, it may affect your metabolism. There is a simple way to come out of this downward spiral, and it’s to put aside the phone and maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

It varies from person to person. It has many contributing factors like age, geography, personal physique, predominant health conditions, etc. According to The United States National Sleep Foundation, an adult should opt for 6-10 hrs of sleep. Sleeping more or less than the prescribed limit isn’t the only criteria for good sleep. It’s all about feeling refreshed throughout your day after a good night’s sleep. Everybody has to find out his ideal sleeping duration based on the trial and error method.

Hacks to fixing the Sleep Cycle

1. Remove all electronic distractions an hour before you go to sleep. 2. Make a bedtime routine.

3. Make sure that you aren’t hungry or overeaten.

4. Make sure that the room is dark.

5. Behavioural changes like a daily routine workout, reducing caffeine intake, limiting alcohol.

If you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation or it is affecting your body adversely, do consult our experts at Nutrihealth+. That’s it for today, sleep well, live well!