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‘Self-Care is health care!’
Buy item | 11 May 2010 | 5 mins ago

5 reasons why ‘Self-Care is health care!’

While keeping up with the fast-paced world, taking care of your mental health has become an uphill task for many. Be it work-life balance, interpersonal relations, child care, personal health, professional and personal goals, social and personal commitments, the list for primal human needs goes on.

Wealth cannot guarantee mental health. Likewise, good health, sound cognitive capability, rational mind, emotional intelligence takes precedence while thinking of self-care. Let’s see the 5 essential domains associated with self-care.

1. Physical Health

A healthy mind is strongly connected with healthy body. So, while taking care of this, make sure you get adequate sleep, enough calories through a balanced diet, and a regular exercise routine. When in a situation of bodily ailment, do consult a physician and get the proper treatment. These small interventions will boost your confidence throughout the day and this eventually shapes your attitude.

2. Mental Health

Mental health has been a taboo in our society. But, as they say, if our body is temple, our brain is its god. And you must look after it every single day. Your mind too needs fuelling just like your body. This fuel consists of good thoughts, practicing compassion and acceptance, reading good books, watching something that motivates you, pursuing your hobby in your free time, talking to your close ones, asking for help when in need, writing a journal for emotional let out, etc. These tiny steps can be immensely beneficial to your mental health.

3. Social Health

It is widely known that humans are social animals. Social connections are our prime identity. Despite all the social media platforms, we rarely find time to connect with our friends and relatives in real space instead of the virtual world. Building strong relations is the core part of our social health. Planning and scheduling some time for face-to-face with our close ones can help us creating stronger bonds. Also, not everyone is an extrovert, thus, it’s up to every individual to access their social needs and plan accordingly.

4. Spiritual Health

Spiritual practices can boost you up. It does not necessarily mean involving in core religious activities but activities like meditation, praying, involvement in spiritual services can help you to dwell deeper into the meanings of our existence, the universe, and life. Spirituality aids to calmness of your mind and body and imbibes in you the feelings of altruism, devotion, and service towards mankind.

5. Emotional Health

Emotional intelligence is prime requirement of today’s times. It means the efficient handling of our emotions. Throughout the day, we exude frustration, anxiety, jealousy, happiness, sadness, anger, triumph etc. Emotional intelligence helps you realise your emotions and ways to deal with them effectively. We cannot avoid emotions but we have all the controls of responding appropriately to them. The ways like talking to your partner, relatives, friends, or writing down your thoughts in case of emotional turmoil helps immensely to improve your concentration and mental well being.

 The bottom line is, love yourself and devise a self-care plan according to your individual needs. The journey of happy life starts from embracing and loving yourselves and catering to the needs of your body as and when it pops out. Enjoy the ‘me-time’.