Your body is the reflection of the food you consume.

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What we do

NutriHealthPlus experts and its personalised programs propels your transformation journey without sacrificing your taste or joy of living. We keep things simple & concise with wellness, food, fitness & technology. All you need to do is enroll in our specially curated programs. From there, let our experts take over. As we wing our magic in following steps.  Read More

  1. We analyse your body statistics.
  2. Evaluate your lifestyle.
  3. Understand your desired goals.
  4. Customise your nutrition plan based on your food preferences.
  5. Periodise your workout routine according to your level (Beginner or intermediate or advance)
  6. Monitor your progress with constant follow ups via chat and call support.
  7. Generate weekly progress reports.
  8. Provide easy to make recipes, science-based articles and workout videos.
  9. Educate you to adopt healthy lifestyle after completion of the training to achieve sustainable results.
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  • Body & Lifestyle Analysis
  • On call consultation & Support
  • Personalised Diet & Workout plan
  • Weekly Progress Tracking

About NutriHealthPlus

Found with the vision to create a health first community. We, at NutriHealthPlus provide goal-oriented nutrition to help individuals achieve their optimal health through evidence based personalised nutrition. We chart effective diet and exercise plans to accommodate your lifestyle, help you manage weight or deal with health condition


In addition to our nutrition plan, we have a few health-related articles and recipes and a few exercises for keeping your body healthy and fit. Each of them is aligned to one and only goal of staying fit.


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